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Molecular Group

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Molecular Group focuses on the investment of blockchain related area, including two blockchain focused funds which are XBTING Foundation and Eagles Chain Capital, top digital asset quantification and hedging transaction team, Molecular Future (MOF) digital asset investment platform, Molecular Hub, digital economy research, blockchain related media and exchange.

China Fortune Holdings Limited


China Fortune Holdings Limited is a company listed in the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: China Fortune 0110). The company possesses 3 core businesses, including mineral resources, telecommunication and investment.

HBCC Investment

HBCC logo_港京 copy_edited.jpg

HBCC Investment is a HK based investment company established by a group of seasoned venture capitalists with years of experience and proven track record in cross boarder business development, especially in China market entry. HBCC Investment is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage value investment in technology startups with a Hong Kong presence.

Collinstar Capital

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Collinstar Capital operates as the interface for investors and FinTech innovators to collaborate and interact. We are a premier asset manager that established one of the largest Blockchain asset funds in Asia-Pacific.

TusMaker Global Network

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TusMaker Global Network is an international entrepreneurial innovation and investment service platform.

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